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Women's Splash of Color Breathable Sneakers

Women's Splash of Color Breathable Sneakers

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Why settle for boring when you can have a splash of color in these sporty Women's Breathable Sneakers?  The mesh cloth makes these shoes an ideal option for ladies to keep their feet cool as they're worn during walks and workouts.  These are incredibly durable shoes that have also been designed with comfort in mind.  The breathable, stitch-bonded non-woven fabric lining and middle sole finish are made from high-quality lightweight polyester blends to provide maximum comfort.

Additional Product Specifications:

【Washing notice】The fabric composition is not waterproof.  The water will compromise the quality of these shoes as it will weaken the integrity of the organic glue used to put these shoes together.  When the time comes to clean them, gently do an upper wipe with a barely damp cloth or a soft toothbrush.




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