Christmas is coming! Are you ready?

Welcome to Pioneer Kitty Market

We're scratching up the furniture just to serve you! Don't worry, the furniture we actually do sell here (with other stuff) is perfectly fine!


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About Pioneer Kitty Market

Pioneer Kitty Market Website

Cats Rule!

Yeah, we do!


Um, Woof?

Miss Kitty thinks cats rule, but forget that we are classified as your best friend! Take that, Miss Kitty!


We Are Family!

Um, everyone, we're all in this world together! It doesn't matter if you're a cat, dog, human or whatever! Your exterior isn't nearly as important to us as what's your interior. A pioneering spirit knows only a full spectrum of colors and loves them all.


I ordered the Glowing Lion Duffle Bag from you last Christmas and didn't expect to love it as much as I do. I took a chance, buying from someone I don't know and I'm so glad I did! Not only was your product exceeding my expectations, but so was your service. You made me feel like I was a close friend rather than some random customer.

Marilyn David (San Diego, CA)

I've known you since 2015 when you were just a vendor at the farmers market and bought those cute baby bibs from you did up. I've since grabbed the Elvis emoji tank for my dog and am just as happy with that as I am with the bibs.

Sam Pelletier (Yorkton, SK)

The way you do the emoji stuff cracks me up! Thanks to you, my neighbors think I'm an emoji addict because it's hard to ignore my dogs with their emoji gear.

Now that I think of it, maybe I am!

Leslie Brandt (Anna, TX)

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