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Women's Loose-Fitting Butterflies Tank Top

Women's Loose-Fitting Butterflies Tank Top

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This loose-fitting Butterflies tank top offers a beautiful portrayal of these awesome little creatures. These incredibly comfortable tank tops are made from a polyester-spandex combination that makes them feel like cotton.  This allows optimal breathability and it is a durable fabric that will allow the tank top to become a wardrobe favorite for a long time.  When washed for the first time, it won't shrink much, if at all.  Ideally, if you want your clothing (and linen) to last, going with cold or lukewarm water is best when washing.  The same is true when using the dryer.  It's the high heat that always shortens the lifespan of all fabrics, no matter what it is.

 【Fabric Composition】95% Polyester, 5% Spandex


Please check out the size guide to find what works best for you.  It ranges from XS to 8XL.

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