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USA Defend Freedom Motorcycle Flag (Twin Sided)

USA Defend Freedom Motorcycle Flag (Twin Sided)

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This USA Defend Freedom Motorcycle Flag was designed with patriotic Americans in mind.  As former Ronald Reagan once quoted, freedom is only a generation away from extinction.  That generation is here now as the rights, liberties, and freedoms are now facing its greatest challenge since the American Revolutionary War.

Sporting this flag as you travel the road shows your support for a nation that needs you, a true American, to stand up for what the Founding Fathers had in mind.  What America is now wasn't what they wanted.  It's become the very thing they fled from!

• Material: 100% polyester, PU, and carbon black.
• Weatherproof and fade-resistant fabric will not fray after continued use.
• Features a sleeve at the top that fits standard flagpoles or stands.
• Each flag measures approximately 9 x 6 inches.

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