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Telescopic Folding Stool Chair

Telescopic Folding Stool Chair

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If you're looking for an easy-to-carry stool that can go wherever you go, try this Telescopic Folding Stool Chair. For anglers, this is great to take a seat as you enjoy this fun activity.

It also makes a handy bring-along for campers, hikers, and gardeners. When folded, they look like discs and are easy to carry. They're also easy to store in small spaces. When expanded, you can adjust the stool to whatever height works best for you.

These sturdy stools can hold a person's body weight up to four hundred pounds. Just pick a favorite color, or go with a few for a full set. They're also great for extra seating options inside the home when there aren't enough chairs to go around for everybody to sit in.

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