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Rugged American Flag Gift Wrapping Paper Roll

Rugged American Flag Gift Wrapping Paper Roll

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For American patriots, what a great way to send and receive a gift. Whatever the occasion happens to be, make it even more special with a patriotic touch with the American flag. The ruggedness of the flag represents how strong American patriots are, even when facing adversity.

Each roll of gift-wrapping roll measures 58" wide and 23" long (147cm x 58cm) of high-quality paper that makes it easy to use.

【Type】PP synthesized paper, 1 roll, 58''(W) x 23''(L)
【Product description】5.93 Oz. Created with high-quality paper material.
【Size】Sized in 58''(W) x 23"(H)(147cm x 58cm).
【# of Rolls】5

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