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Pro Comfort Scrub Cap with Buttons

Pro Comfort Scrub Cap with Buttons

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Introducing the Pro Comfort Scrub Cap – your ultimate companion for long hours at work. Crafted with precision and comfort in mind, these caps are designed to enhance your performance while keeping you feeling fresh and stylish. These are made from high-grade polyester fabric and are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. This ensures maximum comfort throughout your work shift. With an elasticized band and ties in the back, these offer versatile wearing options such as tied loosely or up in a ponytail. One size fits most, providing a perfect fit for everyone.

Ponytail Pouch & Button Design: For those with long hair, these caps feature a convenient ponytail pouch that keeps your hair in place. This adds a professional touch to your appearance. With buttons on the side, you can easily attach face mask straps without discomfort or wrinkles on your face.

Sturdy Cutting & Sewing: Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these caps boast fine craftsmanship and durability. The stitches are securely fixed, ensuring longevity and reusability even after repeated washes. An elastic band at the back provides extra stability without sacrificing comfort.

Moisture-Wicking Sweatband: Say goodbye to sweaty forehead woes! Our caps feature an upgraded soft sweatband with a moisture-wicking treatment. This ensures fast drying and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. No more sweat drops in your eyes, thanks to the caps keeping your forehead clean and dry, even during the toughest shifts.

Easy Adjustment: With elastic cords and cord lock, adjusting the tightness of your cap is a breeze. Whether you have long or thick hair, these caps offer complete coverage without squishing your head. Easily adjust from the back to suit your head shape and hairstyle perfectly.

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