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Night Cats Flannel Blanket

Night Cats Flannel Blanket

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This Night Cats flannel blanket is PURRfect for crazy cat people who decorate their homes with this beautiful animal. As a throw blanket for the couch or as a spread for the bed, this high-quality flannel blanket also happens to be lightweight and breathable. This means you won't have any trouble at all catching up on a catnap with these three adorable black cats draped over you. While you're asleep, they remain wide awake to make sure you find this to be one of the most snuggly blankets in your collection.

* Lightweight Flannel Fabric
* High-quality one-side printing that does not fade
* Unprinted side made of high quality and soft flannel white style
* Also popular as a beach blanket and picnic mat
* Washing suggestion: either wash by hand or use the gentle cycle in cold water in the machine. If you feel the need to iron the blanket, do so at a low temperature.

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