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Disco Dazzler Derby Cowgirl Hat

Disco Dazzler Derby Cowgirl Hat

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Let's go disco, cowboy style! This Disco Dazzler Derby Cowgirl Hat caters to the best of two worlds. The first, you're a dancing diva who knows how to disco! You're also a confirmed cowgirl who knows how to use the Texas two-step as your signature dance move! Even if you are neither of those things but just like to spruce your wardrobe up a bit, this hat fits the bill perfectly.

Even if you opt not to wear it on your head, this makes a great decorative item for the home, especially if you have a bar that has either a cowboy charm, disco groove, or both. And guys, don't feel left out if you want to put on this flashy hat. Go on, you know you're a Rhinestone Cowboy just waiting to let loose and show the ladies what you got on the dance floor.

Don't let the disco-style decor fool you. This is a comfortable and lightweight hat that can be worn with ease. It's also durable enough to handle more than just a party or two.

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