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Defend Freedom T-Shirt

Defend Freedom T-Shirt

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As a t-shirt, Defend Freedom serves as a bold statement of how important it is for people to stand up for the one thing God meant for every human being to have.  Freedom is always a breath away to become extinct as there are people who couldn't care less about humanity.  They only care about control as they fear strong men and women who put the love of God, family, and country first.  No matter what nation you live in, don't take what freedoms you do have for granted.  Even though the Holy Bible made mention of slaves, it was never God's intent to have people enslaved.  The idea was for every man, woman, and child to enjoy life and all the God-given freedoms that come with it.

The t-shirt is made from a lightweight, soft, and durable polyester fabric that's also breathable.  This makes it a very comfortable shirt to wear for men and women who are willing to stand up for their beliefs as free individuals.  


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