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Butterfly Heaven Women's Spandex Tank Top

Butterfly Heaven Women's Spandex Tank Top

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The concept behind "Butterfly Heaven" as a spandex tank top takes the love of these beautiful little creatures and makes it part of your fashion statement.  As a strong and independent woman, you boldly sport this stretchy sport either as everyday wear or as part of your workout wardrobe.  Many Pioneer Kitty Marketeers own several of these tank tops, including the Butterfly Heaven one.  We also love matching this tank top with some of the sports bras we carry.

Here are some more specs about these Butterfly Heaven tank tops;

【 Material Description 】90% polyester+10% spandex

【 Product performance 】This product is made of soft and thin skin-friendly fabric.  That means it's comfortable to wear, durable, and easy to clean.  The backless design adds breathability as you engage in physical activities such as brisk walks, jobs, and trips to the gym.

【 Washing instructions 】Ideally, if you want your clothing to stay soft and last a really long time, wash it in cold water instead.  If you want to tumble dry, go with the lowest heat setting possible.  High heat shortens the lifespan of all materials such as clothing, linen, and plastics.

【 Special Note 】Due to different measurement methods, the error within 1-2cm is a normal phenomenon. Do not use the same color as the background color of the clothes for the design pictures. It will cause the inability of ink to be released during production, and will not be included in the scope of after-sales processing.

【 Reminder 】The picture display effect is for reference only. Due to objective factors such as production batches, machinery, and equipment, there may be slight color differences, positions, and sizes. This is normal and will not be included in the scope of after-sales processing.



Length (cm/in)

1/2 Bust (cm/in)

1/2 Bottom Hem (cm/in)

S 63.5/25 47/18.5 59/23.2
M 65.2/25.7 49.5/19.5 61.5/24.2
L 66.9/26.3 52/20.5 64/25.2
XL 68.6/27 54.5/21.5 66.5/26.2
2XL 70.3/27.7 57/22.4 69/27.2


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