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Blame Truth Firing Rockets Tank Top

Blame Truth Firing Rockets Tank Top

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So, do we blame the truth or do we blame the lie? According to our Blame Truth Firing Rockets Tank Top, words sometimes act like firing rockets. This tank makes a fashion statement that when reality hits the fan, that's when things get real. (We'd use another word but for the sake of keeping things clean, we'll assume you get the point.) "The truth hurts" is more than a cliche. It's reality. It's why too many people prefer the false comfort of a lie instead of the harsh realities truth brings. You're not one of those people, are you? If you're a truther who stands up for what you know is right, this tank top is for you.


Additional Blame Truth Firing Rockets Specifications:
【Fabric Composition】100% High-Quality Polyester (makes for a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable shirt)



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