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Angry Eyes Car Armrest Cover

Angry Eyes Car Armrest Cover

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What makes this Angry Eyes car armrest cover practical is the comfort and protection it provides.  Over time, the wear and tear of the armrest begins to show.  Slow down that process with a protective layer that also serves the purpose of stain control.  Among drivers who like a cup of coffee to go, sometimes things happen that may cause a spill.  With a barrier between the coffee and the armrest, it'll help absorb the stain so that your car's interior has a better chance to stay clean.

The Angry Eyes design is there for humor, perhaps warning you better not spill any food or drink in the car while you're on the go.  

• Made with high-quality polyester fabric.
• Soft fabric provides excellent hand feeling.
• One side printing; solid black dotted reverse.
• Two elastic straps at the back, easy to install and remove.
• Features black binding, durable and stylish.
• Armrest cover approx size: 12.6''x7.5''

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