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3D Table Night Lamp

3D Table Night Lamp

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Check out the various designs that come with this 3D Table Night Lamp. Whether you're looking for a great baby shower gift idea or a unique housewarming gift, these should do the trick. The design of each lamp is shaped to mimic a variety of images ranging from animals to special shapes such as bells, hearts, and structures.

These warm-lit lamps are made with acrylic to establish the designs and have an average service life of about thirty thousand hours. When receiving these lamps, make sure to remove the protective film that's coated along one side.

Additional Product Specifications:

Light source: LED
Voltage: 5V
Shade Material: Acrylic
Product power: 4W
Light Color: Warm
Average Service Life: 30000 (h)
Dimensions: 210 * 135 (mm)
Base size: Diameter 10cm * height 4cm
Pattern Board Regular Size: 18 * 14cm
Product weight: 0.120KG
Single Belt Box Size: 20 * 15 * 5cm
Different patterns may have a 1-3cm deviation

Note: The acrylic sheet has a protective film on one side, please tear off the protective film

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