Watch, Shop & Save

Watch, Shop & Save

The fuel that gives Pioneer Kitty Market cause to run an online shopping experience comes from the pioneering spirit within.  We work with a team of artists, creators, and curators in an effort to bring forth a great shopping experience for customers who come here.


Watch, Shop & Save

The purpose behind the Watch, Shop & Save campaign is to raise awareness what Pioneer Kitty Market is all about.  Instead of charging ridiculous rates for the sake of making a profit, we try to keep the prices as fair as possible.  It's just enough to keep the lights on, so to speak.

We encourage shoppers to embark on a loyalty points program known as PURRks.  It's our way of encouraging the pioneering spirit within you to make your fashion statement however you see fit.  We offer you an opportunity to show off your style either as part of your wardrobe or as decorative items for your home.  There's also a few items ideal for other purposes as well.
PURRks Customer Loyalty Points Program 


As 2023 nears its end, we're looking to 2024 as a prosperous new year from a spiritual point of view.  More than ever, the human race needs to steer itself back on course as a population full of promise.  The pioneering spirit that exists inside every man, woman, and child is what makes us great.

That's the same spirit God put in every single one of us.  The most devout Holy Bible believers already know this.  They're also the best examples of what the human race should be like.  Even when faced with extreme hardship, they're always smiling and they're always thankful.  They're also always hopeful as they know there's more to life than whatever the trends of the world tell them.

2024 is about embracing more than just another new year.  It's about embracing that spirit that lies within you.  By name, it's called the Holy Spirit and this is what drives people to greatness.  This entity made it possible for the existence of Jesus Christ to serve as a bridging beacon between the sinful nature of mankind and God himself.


Our Role

Pioneer Kitty Market's role is really nothing more than an online shopping experience for people wishing to explore various products we have to offer.  Some of the stuff we have can be found with other shopping sites.  There's also many items here you won't find anywhere else as they've been designed by our own team of creators.

Those creators are mostly children and seniors who've expressed themselves through art.  Instead of keeping their talent hidden, they've been applied to a variety of items where they receive full commission for their work.  You can find examples of these works in products such as the Night Cats Multifunctional Diaper Backpack Bag and the Ignite That Spirit Hawaiian Shirt.

Men's Ignite That Spirit Hawaiian Shirt

Among the curators we work with, the primary focus is to offer easy access to as many Christian-related items as possible for customers who aren't shy to proclaim their faith however they see fit.  However, we've also left the door open for all visitors to access and enjoy our products.  Pioneer Kitty Market recognizes every person has a right to follow a path they believe works for them.  This was a God-given freedom he gave everyone since the beginning.

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I’ve been a loyal customer of yours since 2020. Ever since PKM helped our church with some fundraising goals for recently orphaned children who lost their parents. The trust fund you’ve set up was a great gesture. Even though you’re small, you care. This is rare as most sites like yours only care about profit. You actually care about people.


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