Spiritual Warfare: Whose Side Are You On?

Spiritual Warfare: Whose Side Are You On?

As the spiritual war between nations and religious factions continue to escalate, so does the reality that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent.  The question is, whose side are you on?  Do you favor the trending news the world uses on the global population or do you choose to follow Jesus Christ and God's word?


Beware of False Prophets

The media has spared no effort sharing its brand of news to the world about the violent conflict taking place between Hamas and Israel.  At the same time, several activists and protestors continue to choose a side without knowing the full details of what's really going on.  Instead, they react based on a mix of biased opinions and propaganda.

Among the global population who exercises genuine discernment, they know better than to blindly trust whatever a reporter shares as news.  Even before television became a source of information, newspapers, radio stations, and town criers would spread whatever they're told to tell the general public.  Even then, most of the news was shared from a biased point of view.  What so many people fail to understand is how tight the noose wrapping around the necks of journalists and reporters.  Unless they cooperate with their bosses and corporate sponsors, they'll be out of a job.

Real newsmen such as Tucker Carlson is one prime example.  Look how fast Fox News axed him from its roster the moment its corporate sponsors breathed down their necks how to conduct themselves.  Unlike the majority of mainstream newscasters, Carlson shared his brand of news with blunt honesty.  He didn't alter any of it for the sake of pleasing an audience who can't handle the truth.


Beware of False Teachers

Making matters worse is the so-called education system the world has been exercising on the youngest minds of the human race.  If the fake news spread on every media source isn't enough, targeting the children has played a big role why this world is more messed up than ever.  Already the way many schools did things was flawed since the beginning.  Instead of making improvements where it was most needed, ideologies got in the way and now children are taught more false doctrine than ever.

What the false teachers have done is steer children down a path that leads only to chaos and self-destruction.  They're practicing the exact same mistakes the Hebrews did after they fled from the Egyptians in the Holy Bible's Exodus.  Anybody reading this article knows exactly what happened to the Israelites from that era.  Since Exodus, the majority of the people God saved from certain death developed expectation issues and ideologies.  These kept them away from becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

In the Holy Bible, God warned them then about false prophets and false teachers.  Jesus did the same in the scriptures covered in the New Testament.  He also pointed out how the entire world was deceived.  According to Romans 1:28-32, people who refused to open up to Jesus displayed a debased mindset that would become their ultimate undoing.

We see this going on today at a more obvious level.  Advocates favoring Hamas do so with ignorance.  They have no idea the people they've sided with wouldn't hesitate to kill them on sight.  The belief system Hamas has leaves no mercy or room for members embracing anything to do with woke-related agendas.


Exercising Discernment

One beautiful gift God gave his people was the ability to exercise discernment.  Unfortunately, most of them have squandered this in favor of following trends without thinking.  Even though the veils of deceit are thin, there's enough of them draped before the eyes of a people who are too prideful for their own good.  They share the same personality traits as the devil, otherwise known as Satan.

The key to exercising genuine discernment is to humble yourself before the Lord.  This isn't easy to do as this means kicking your pride to the curb and surrender yourself to God.  Its a practice that can only be exercised by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  Without this, you lack a proper guide to get you through the obstacle course this world has laid out before you.

Jesus really is the light and the way, a reality too many folks just can't bring themselves to fathom.  This is going to get them killed.  Remember, it was pride that got Satan kicked out of Heaven.  What served to be his undoing is also a weapon he uses against God and his people.  Truth be told, the real pandemic that kills so many people is pride.

Pride holds people back from achieving perfection as a human being.  It, along with the rest of the seven deadly sins, is the reason why Jesus Christ sacrificed himself on the cross.  Every man, woman, and child carries the virus of sin with them as this is tied directly to their flesh.  The only way to overcome this plague is to accept Jesus and follow him.  It won't be easy but it's necessary if you expect to be all you can be as a person.

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