Mankind's Common Enemy

Mankind's Common Enemy

Mankind's past, present, and future have always shared the same common enemy that plagues them time and time again.


Past Issues

As we stand, the global population is staring at an uncertain future as global politicians continue to push sinister agendas that go against the best interest of every man, woman, and child.  What we are facing is history repeating itself once again.  There have been many quotes shared by philosophers since the beginning of time about this reality.  As fate would have it, society has continued to prove them right over and over again.

Along with the philosophers who shared their insight, the biblical prophets have also expressed what they already knew was true.  God's Word has always been dead-on accurate.  As genuine prophets, they didn't hold anything back when it came to addressing the people what needed to be told.  Even if this meant falling on deaf ears, so be it.

Unfortunately, both the philosophers and prophets who exercised a perfectly functional moral compass were almost always ignored by a population who refused to listen.  Even in cartoon images created by artists, there is always a behavior pattern that show the majority head down in one direction while a tiny few go another.  Among followers of the Holy Bible, how many people actually survived all the disasters that came their way?  On every single occasion, only a remnant managed to overcome.  This was the case with Noah and his family during the Great Flood.  It happened again after the Exodus Hebrews began having certain expectation issues as their arrogance grew even bigger than the population they had at the time.


Present Issues

The attitudes of the Hebrews from Exodus that wandered in the wilderness for forty years share the exact same patterns exercised by various populations since then.  On a more recent note, we see this among members of society who have all become too prideful for their own good.  Isn't it interesting most of them use a specific month to celebrate a certain lifestyle choice that 100% goes against God and everything he's about?

Anybody who has read and respected the entire Holy Bible, as well as the Torah, are aware sexual immorality is not tolerated by God.  It gave him cause to wipe out all but eight people in Genesis.  He did the same to Sodom and Gomorrah that had only three survivors come out of that one.  When the Ten Commandments were laid out, along with all of God's laws, rules, and statutes, it was made clear what he thought about bisexuality and homosexuality.  He was definitely not a fan!

With that in mind, plus the reality that God doesn't change as His Word is infinite, what makes people think he'd tolerate anything LGBT-related today?  While he does indeed love everyone as people, there is no mention he loves the lifestyle choices they make.  This is why there was the creation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to serve a purpose that included laying his life down on our behalf.  He was the ultimate example of love but was by no means tolerant of sexual immorality.  That he made clear, repeatedly, while he walked among man and afterward.

Jesus also made clear other issues that would plague mankind, especially as we approach what he described as the "End Times."  The truths he shared at that time didn't sit well with the political and social powerhouses, which is why they were so eager to shut him up.  Interesting how today we're experiencing the same thing as the political and social leaders of our time are doing everything they can to silence as many people as they can by taking away free speech.  This was one of many issues Jesus warned would happen as the world inches closer to its inevitable end.


Future Issues

As horrific as today's society has become, thanks to the "Woke Agenda," mankind hasn't seen the worst, yet.  That's still coming as the stubborn goats continue to allow their personal pride to cloud their judgement.  Just like Satan, pride will be their undoing.  What they don't realize is this is exactly what Satan wants from them.

When God created the first man and the first woman, Satan hated it.  Feeling threatened, the rebellion against God officially began.  This act of betrayal did more than just mess with the first two human beings God created.  It cursed the entire human population.

When talking about pandemics and uncertain futures, the most blatant of all is Satan's deception.  Even in the Holy Bible, it pointed out the entire world has been deceived.  That is not an overstatement!  For as long as we have people in our society that has more in common with the overly prideful Satan than they do with God, the entire world as we know it is in trouble!

But does this mean we love such people even less?  The answer to that is no!  We're supposed to love our brethren as we love ourselves.  This means even exercising "tough love" as we do what we can to wake "the woke" up before its too late for them.  It's not easy but it is necessary.

According to Revelation 3:16, God has zero tolerance for the lukewarm church.  It was also warned by Jesus that many of the "elect" would be deceived, especially as we venture into the end times.  Are we there now?  When we have Christian churches pitted against each other over issues God himself warned about, then the answer to that question is YES!


God's Present vs. World's Future

Throughout the bible, especially in the New Testament, there are several details shared what's to become of the world and it's future.  It won't have one by the time God (via Jesus Christ) cast's his final judgment upon mankind.  Already, the world we know is dying a slow and painful death.

Its doomed fate isn't because of the so-called climate change miseducated environmentalists want people to believe.  The world was already marked for death the moment Satan corrupted it.  The kind of world we live in now was not the world God intended!  However, it was the world human beings chose when they were deceived the first time.  Not even the massive wipeout during Noah's time was enough to put a stop to the inevitable.

All God did when he issued the Great Flood was buy human beings more time to get their act together.  He wanted men and women to learn from their mistakes and become better people.  Sometimes they did, but most of the time they'd revert back to the kind of life Satan wanted them to live.  People have a bad habit of forgetting lessons of the past, even when it's all been accurately documented with enough witnesses to back it up.

We now live in a world where the ideologies of the "woke" want to change biological and historical facts in favor of something that's more to their liking.  The problem with this is the truth can't be buried forever.  It always comes out.  The longer these people stubbornly cling to denial like goats, the more it will devastate them once reality explodes in their face.

Even in scripture, it was made abundantly clear what happens to the goats when God's final judgment is at hand.  All the sheep (who follow Jesus) will be safely herded away from a fate that will see the world as we know it come to an end.  We're already seeing this happen before our very eyes as the "left" are behaving like stubborn goats more than ever.  Meanwhile, mostly everybody on the "right" have more in common with Jesus these days than ever before.  As for those stuck in between, go read up Revelation 3:16.

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