Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids Be Kids

As the woke agenda continues to push their ideology on children at schools, they're blocking kids to just be kids.  This is a form of child abuse as they force something upon a younger audience that's not ready yet to be exposed to any form of sex education.  In fact, these should be lessons taught in the home, not at school.


Beware of False Teachers

Since the beginning of time, people have been warned to be wary of false teachers who choose to educate ideologies instead of facts.  This has been a lesson that has been continuously ignored by certain members of the population.  Every single time they do this and it's allowed to spread, a sharp decline in social values becomes the result.  This has been witnessed many times over, along with enough evidence to prove liberal ideologies are nothing more than recipes for disaster.  These truths are not just revealed in the Holy Bible, but throughout mankind's entire timeline unto this day.

False teachers are easy enough to recognize.  Instead of sticking to an education program that actually matters, they'd rather push agendas that cause their students more harm than good.  Unfortunately, these false teachers don't see that.  Truth be told, every single one of these teachers shouldn't be allowed to teach in any classroom at any school.

More obvious than ever, the education system as we know it is broken.  It has been for many years but not as bad as it is now.  Long gone are the days where students are taught math, reading, and writing.  This has been a practice that has so far turned at least two generations of children into useless adults.  None of them were taught how to grow up.


Petty Pride

One of the biggest pandemics that's really wreaking havoc on the planet is the pettiness of pride.  Oddly enough, as certain members of the community parade around with bright colors, they're exposing themselves just how lost they really are as people.  While it is great they're proud to be what they are, it's not so great when they go about it in such a tacky manner.

What such people are doing is exercising the same brand of pride Satan used before the entity was cast out of Heaven by God.  In fact, they're unaware Satan has been using them as puppets all along.  The devil knows these people are the easiest members of the human population to infiltrate. 

Whenever I see members of the LGBT community completely succumb to the lifestyle of a stubborn goat, my heart goes out to them.  I know they're setting themselves up for self-destruction.  God has zero tolerance for people who blatantly exercise sexual immorality.

He also doesn't like to be mocked, which is another act of rebellion against Him.  Even among the so-called Christians who are part of that community, what they're practicing is the polar opposite of what God wanted for mankind.  This group, along with members of the lukewarm church, are all plagued with a bad dose of pride that has been systematically destroying them.


Blind Pride

As stated by Apostle Paul in Romans 1:28, this is the description given to a group of people who are too blinded with pride for their own good;

"And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness."

Take note what's going on in the news today.  So much focus is poured on members of a community that have no regard for documented facts, as well as no regard for core family values.  They also have no regard for God, either.

Oddly enough, all that blind pride has prevented members of that community to realize they're the unhappiest people on the planet.  They're also the least healthy.  Mentally, physically, and spiritually, they've become members of the walking dead.  Each of them are denying themselves to reach their true potential as human beings.


Pride Kills

Also in the news is the rise of violence taking place as people catering to the woke agenda seem to care about nothing.  Among them, there is no "love thy neighbor" trait to be found, which is unfortunate.  What they don't realize is they're doing more harm to themselves than against whoever they choose to target.

When a person is consumed with too much pride, they also become consumed with expectation issues.  This results in a person exercising less patience and understanding.  When this condition goes unchecked, these people lose their grip on reality.  They also lose who they really are as a person.

The moment a person loses focus as a spiritual individual, they're already as good as dead.  If they're no longer willing to exercise an ounce of common sense, don't expect them to listen to reason, either.  While in this state, pride has already killed such a person off mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Many Called, Few Chosen

According to Matthew 22:14, Jesus explains many people will be called but only a few chosen.  Why is that?  It has much to do with the seed sower parable he discussed with his disciples.  That one was covered in Matthew 13 in an explanation that compares the seeds to human beings.

In the parable, the seeds dropped in the thickets and thorns were too attached to the world's whims for their own good.  This perfectly categorizes members of Revelation 3:16's lukewarm church.  Of all the seeds dropped leading up to the thorns, not one of them were able to reach the same potential as the seeds that were planted in the field.

Another revelation in the Holy Bible comes from Matthew 9:35 when Jesus discussed how large the harvest was but few workers to clear the field.  This parable made reference to the global population.  So many people on the planet yet so few truly make an effort to follow Jesus Christ and God's Word.

The majority of the problem falls in the laps of false prophets and false teachers as they teach their brand of logic instead of God's.  Again in human history, both biblical texts and nonbiblical, history shows a pattern what happens to societies that have lost their way.


Victimized Children

Every single time members of a society experienced a collapse, they had their own collection of political and social leaders who let the people down with their ideologies.  As much as one can fault those so-called leaders, the true blame falls on the lukewarm church.  An apathetic congregation first exercises the sin of sloth by letting the worldly whims continue without challenge.  By doing so, they're placing their own children in harm's way as victims of a situation that could have easily been avoided.

Both biblical and nonbiblical accounts have repeatedly demonstrated when adults fail to teach their children all the right lessons, the fabric of society ends up falling apart.  This always leads to disaster as these children literally grow up to become stupid adults.  As a result, stupid adults end up raising their own breed of stupid children.  All that stupidity comes from the teachings of false prophets and false teachers.


Saving Children

Today, it's more important than ever to save as many children as we can from the evils who are purposely teaching them false doctrine.  They're also being taught subject matter that's really inappropriate.  This isn't about religion.  This is about common decency.

When a school board has lost its way as a team of responsible adults who put the concerns of parents first, along with the safety of children, then this is a very serious problem.  Parents should be able to send their kids to school knowing nothing bad will ever happen to them.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case for years.  Because this has gone unchecked for so long, the education system has reached a new low.  This has caused every responsible parent good reason to come to the defense of their children.  Instead of slamming those parents for it, slam the politicians and all the supporters who favor an agenda that's actually been harming the children all along.

 Children Learn What They Live

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