Left or Right?

Left or Right?

Ever since WOKE agendas have continued to gain ground, society as a whole has suffered the consequences.  Even members among the WOKE have been experiencing hardship but their mindset refuses to acknowledge it.  


Definition of WOKE

The definition of WOKE describes people who follow a cultural preference that contradicts everything the human race has been taught since the beginning of time.  Among bible believers, WOKE people favor lifestyle choices that have no room for Jesus or, at the very least, have a misguided view about him.  WOKE people tend to embrace everything God opposes.

Instead of valuing an unborn fetus, they embrace abortions.  Instead of traditional family values featuring a man, woman, and child, they reject them.  There's no fear or love of God whatsoever among these people as they feel justified to do as they please.  They do this without taking a moment to consider there will be consequences for their actions.

The vast majority of people fitting the WOKE category tend to favor political parties such as the Canadian coalition of Liberals/New Democrats (NDP) and the U.S.'s Democrats.  Collectively, they're referred to as leftist liberals.  Among every nation in the world, there are parties such as these who serve as defining examples of what counterculture is all about.


Counterculture Cancer

The popularity of counterculture rose considerably during the 1960s as folk music festivals and the folk-rock musical genre won over the hearts and minds of a mostly young audience.  Already known for their rebellious nature, teenagers welcomed the flurry of musicians who made the biggest impact on society.

Although using songs to express opinions isn't anything new for musicians, there was a new trend growing within the North American nations of Canada and the United States.  That trend steered the social direction of these nations down a road that would ultimately lead to the cultural disaster we're seeing today.  Like most political and social movements, the zeal to do the right thing is all too often accompanied with ignorance and pride.

Because kids and teenagers are so impressionable, it's easy for them to be caught up in the moment and react without thinking.  Adults are prone to this as well.  History has demonstrated adults who lack discernment are just as easily duped as children as they share the same level of immaturity to know any better.


Ignorant Pride

According to the Holy Bible, the crowd who witnessed the brutal beating of Jesus Christ at the hands of Roman soldiers were caught up in the moment when the jealous Pharisees egged them on with their rhetoric.  Even long before the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, it didn't take much to lead people astray.  The Old Testament is loaded with stories how easily good-natured people can be turned into mindless twats in the blink of an eye.

Even in Genesis, Satan was able to deceive Eve with ease.  From there, it wasn't hard for Eve to unknowingly do the same with Adam.  As today's social structure continues to spiral out of control, we see history repeating itself.  The deceivers of the world have made it easy to develop a WOKE movement.  They achieve this by using people to carry out actions nobody in their right mind would ever do.

The common denominators among the people who favor left-winged political and social agendas is the deadly mix of ignorance and pride.  Too ignorant to exercise discernment, they fall for the lies they're told.  From there, pride kicks in and they start acting like an uncontrollable mob of people.  They're so busy getting caught up in the moment that they fail to notice they're setting themselves up for self-destruction.


Forgive Them

According to Luke 23:34, Jesus cried out, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."  This was in reference to the abusive treatment he was receiving from the same kind of mob several members of the human race are having to contend with today.  The majority of the people who follow WOKE agendas have no clue what they're actually supporting.

At the time, a chain of events took place that had many of those people learn the hard way there were about to suffer the consequences of their actions.  Most of them couldn't bear it and committed suicide.  An example of this can be found in Matthew 27:5 when Judas claimed his own life after reality sunk in he betrayed not just Jesus but God himself.

That same hard dose of reality will hit again.  In some cases, it already has.  However, pride has a bad habit of clouding judgement.  This has been the case with every single person caught up in the WOKE movement.  Until that pride is kicked to the curb, these people will continue favoring agendas that are using them as pawns until it's deemed they're no longer needed.


Spiritual Chess

What's going on today, as has been the case all along, is spiritual warfare.  At the moment, the world is playing spiritual chess by rallying all the "left" to favor trending global agendas.  Meanwhile, everybody on the "right" have demonstrated to favor conservative-style political and social agendas.  Most of them also stay as close to Jesus as they can because they know and trust God's Word.

Isn't it interesting how Matthew 25:33 pointed out Jesus would part the goats to the left and his sheep to the right? We're going to see this become more evident before his return.  Already, a few signs have suggested God is already making examples out of citizens who behave like goats.  Among those who are paying attention, they get it.  As for the rest, they won't until it's too late.

Until Jesus returns, as well as the Rapture that goes with it, the spiritual warfare continues.  A chain of events has already revealed that the great divide between God's people and the rest of the world is well underway.  That division will grow even more as it fulfills a statement Jesus made in Luke 12:51.  Another example of this is in Matthew 10:34.

Peace cannot be achieved while evil still exists.  Jesus knows this, as do members of Christian and Jewish communities.  That evil is evident among the followers of the Mother of Harlots and her daughters.  It's also evident among nonbelievers who refuse to open their eyes.  Both of these groups share the same unhealthy dose of pride, along with the other six sins that go with it.


Game Over

When the time comes for Jesus to make things right, it will be game over for the WOKE, as well as people who have sided with religions that have no regard for who the real God is.  Right now, every opportunity for these people to truly wake up and get the picture is being given.  That demonstrates how loving and patient our God really is.

However, as in the days of Lot and Noah, sooner or later God will put an end to the madness.  He did it when he flooded the earth during Noah's day, allowing only eight people to live.  As cruel as that may sound, what God did was an act of mercy.  He also gave mankind another chance to start over.

Unfortunately, too many men and women are too stubborn for their own good.  It's that goat mentality that always sends society into a tailspin of chaos, death, and destruction.  The pattern hasn't changed.  Just the names.  Because of this, God has a more finalized reset in mind.  

In that reset, the stubborn goats will be sent to the left.  Again, take a good look who are all deemed "leftists" and what kind of behavior pattern they exercise.  It's not hard to figure out who they are and that their "WOKE" agendas have been nothing more than recipes for self-destruction.

That reset will have God's sheep brought close to him.  With Jesus serving as the protective shepherd, all the categorized "right-wingers" will escape a fiery judgement that is coming.  The key to their salvation is choosing to side with Jesus instead of the whims of the world.


No More WOKE World

The moment Jesus returns, whatever agendas the WOKE had in mind will be scrapped to dust.  Whatever ideologies they chose to believe will be shattered with truths they've chosen to ignore all this time.  However, because they're too prideful and stubborn, they won't get it.  This is made evident in Revelation 16:11.

When the time comes for God to reset the world, it will be game over for those who refuse to kick their pride to the curb.  This was the case for Satan when he was first cast out of Heaven. God has no room in His Kingdom for a population of such shallow people.  He only has room for people who have more spiritual depth.  This is the key character trait that sets the "right" apart from the "left."

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