Gender Truths

Gender Truths

As the controversial gender ideology continues to mess with the minds of people all over the world, there are certain truths nobody can afford to ignore.  These truths include what body parts we were born with the moment we come out of our mother's womb.



According to Jeremiah 1:5, God quoted "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you."  That is God's own statement of truth that our identities have already been established before we were even born.  That identity includes what biological gender we're born with.

So, bottom line, if a baby is born with girl body parts, she is a girl and is destined to become a woman.  This also holds true for boys born with body parts only they can have.  Their destiny has already been decided he is to grow up to become a man.


Transgenderism Myths

When men choose to identify themselves as a woman they're literally drowning in a pool of deception.  Even when they undergo surgery to remove certain body parts so they can look like a woman, this still doesn't reassign them to the feminine gender.  This simply makes him a eunuch.

He can parade around like a woman all he wants but the truth of the matter is he will never be one.  Even if he's 100% in touch with his feminine side, the bottom line he is still a man.  The transgender myth suggests otherwise and this is a dangerous road to travel for people embracing this ideology.



The worst part about this entire transgenderism movement is the lack of respect it has with biological women.  Oddly enough, even some women who support women's rights are in favor of it.  What they don't realize is by doing so they contradict the very thing they supposedly stand up for.

Speaking as a woman, I find it disheartening everything women fought for over has been going up in smoke because the far left can't see the forest through the trees, figuratively speaking.  Among those women who earned great achievements over 100 years ago, they would be furious to learn everything they fought for has been turned into a mockery.  If I believed corpses could roll over in their own graves, they would.

Even long before women's rights became more recognized going into the twentieth century, both men and women were in agreement each gender had something special going for them that defined who they are.  That still applies today, despite all the denial taking place in modern society.


The Price of Ignorance

With gender identity serving as a social issue plaguing so many members of the human race, there are many more important fires that are raging out of control that are being ignored.  Those fires include the rising cost of living as too many governments are exercising unhealthy spending habits.  In the meantime, the people they're supposed to be representing are suffering.

Even among the population who support these governments fail to notice they're also victims of bad political policies.  They believe these politicians are on their side but the truth is they're not.  The politicians in place right now are following agendas that suit their best interests only.  They couldn't care less about the people at all - not even for those who voted for them.

The price such governments are asking from the people is way too high.  This isn't just about money, either.  It's about the very fabric of society unraveling to the harsh reality that lawlessness has increased - and at the expense of every member of the human race.  We were warned of this, many times over, by biblical prophets and world-famous philosophers.  Even among the evils who are carrying out their actions are aware.  However, they are banking on the ignorance of the average person to never clue in they're on the receiving end of a bad deal that will cost them everything - including their lives.


Paying Attention

Among the population who are paying attention, they're aware of the true horror that's taking place in a world that has literally gone mad.  Most of them are born-again, spirit-filled Christians who've been set free from the world of lies that has deceived the entire population.  When Jesus stated in John 8:32 "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” this applied to people who chose to follow him and God's Truth.

This is the "few chosen" group among the "many called" the bible was talking about in Matthew 22:14.  Factor this in with the Romans 1:28 statement, "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting," and it's easy to see a pattern here.

Now, add Mathew 25:33; "He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left."  Among bible followers, you know Jesus (God) refers to the sheep as his people - all who obey His voice and follow Him.  As for the stubborn goats on the left, there is acknowledgement they refuse to listen at all.  When looking at this from a political point of view, they very thing talked about in the bible has become more real than ever today.  Unfortunately, only those with the eyes to see will notice.  The rest won't.


The TransgENDerism Effect

The heading here is not a typo.  Although loved as people, transgenders and those who support them are committing the very actions that will cost them more than just their lives.  It will also cost them their souls.  This has been repeatedly warned throughout the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation. 

Perhaps this is why the "left" hate God, Jesus, and the bible so much.  There are truths exposed here that go against everything they embrace.  Even among the so-called Christians who embrace liberalism as a religious practice, they're setting themselves up for disaster.  They are the very example of the "deceived elect" that was also talked about, namely in Matthew 24:24.

Another sad truth about transgenderism is the distractions that are being laid out by people who are abusing their authority in order to carry out an even more sinister agenda.  What the transgender men and women fail to notice is they're not valued at all by a government that's been catering to their every whim.  They're seen as pawns and nothing more.  Among those craving power like addicts, they're using people they know they can manipulate to sink once proud nations into shadows of their former selves.

It was the same tactic used when Adolf Hitler served as Germany's dictator going into World War II.  These methods have been used, over and over again, throughout the course of mankind's history.  Satan (formerly known as Lucifer) was the first to exercise this strategy.  It worked well against Adam and Eve and it still works today.


Breaking the Cycle

The path the world is on already has it doomed for death.  The bible made that clear on more than one occasion.  The best-known quote comes from Matthew 24:35, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away."

As it stands, there is no way the world is going to survive.  All the denial in the world won't prevent what is inevitable.  We live in a world right now that 100% caters to the flesh.  This cycle won't be broken until Jesus returns.  This is also inevitable but the deception laid out by the evils in charge run so deep that most people don't even see it.

It breaks my heart knowing these people will be in for a rude awakening when the time comes for this world's madness to end.  This includes members of the transgender population and their supporters.  Whenever I do pray, I often ask God to please forgive them as I know most of them don't even realize what they're doing.  Again, the deception runs so deep that unless they are saved by Jesus, they're doomed.

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