End Time Signs

End Time Signs

Are there signs the End Times is here?  A common observation made by a growing number of people feel the world as we know it is in its worst state ever.  As ugly as it is right now, we haven't reached the point where God will pull the plug on everything yet.  We are dangerously close, though.


Recognizing End Time Signs

"As in the days of Noah" was the biblical quote made in the Holy Bible (Matthew 24:37) as something Jesus warned to look for when the approach of the End Times is nigh.

Are we there yet?  In fact, yes we are.  But does this mean we're in a worse state than how it was during Noah's timeline that was shared in the Book of Genesis?  The answer to that question is no, we're not.

When God decided to flood the earth, this was a last resort as he really didn't want to wipe out a world full of people.  After the flood was over and the waters receded, this allowed Noah and his family to land.  As a sign he'd never do it again, God arched a colorful rainbow across the sky as he made his promise.


Prideful Signs

Today, the colors of that rainbow have been perverted by a group of people to turn them into something that God recognizes as an abomination.  They even go as far as to call it by the one sin God hates the most - Pride.

Among those who celebrate all the festivities associated with a lifestyle God specifically warned people not to engage in, they even go as far as to anger Him even further by carrying out one despicable act after another.  They're not even shy as they go about this, either.

What they're also not shy about is their admiration for Satan and everything that entity stands for.  Of course, all of it is in direct opposition to God and His ways.  This becomes most apparent when their ideologies are challenged by a population that knows better than to fall for the lies such people have fallen for themselves.


The World Deceived

The most disheartening piece of reality when it comes to members of society that favor the trends of worldly views is how they're setting themselves up for disaster.  There are few days that go by where I don't pray to God that He help them open up their eyes and see what they're doing to themselves.  I know these are the people the Book of Revelation talks about as a society hating the two witnesses that will come forth just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

If you don't think we've neared this chapter that was so explicitly mentioned in the Holy Bible then you need to pick up the Book of Revelation and give it a good read.  Actually, your best bet is to start at the beginning as Genesis also covers this hard dose of reality.  If you're serious about avoiding the catastrophe that awaits the stubborn goats on the left who refuse to listen to God, then you need to do this.


Pay Attention to Signs

As the world continues to spiral out of control, the people paying attention to what's really going on know what to look for based on what they learned from the Holy Bible.  Whenever uncertain, they turn to genuine prophets and teachers who've followed Jesus Christ with the level of dedication needed to fully grasp what God's Word talks about.

Believe it or not, there are modern-day prophets who walk among us that share the same kind of insight as the Old Testament greats like Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Samuel.  Everything they've shared that came from God has either unfolded already or is currently doing so now.  Among believers who pay attention, they know this.  They also take the Great Commission Jesus charged them with very seriously.

What is the Great Commission?  Before his ascension to Heaven, Jesus told his disciples to teach God's Word to everyone.  They are to do so without altering anything that came from God.  Between the disciples, the prophets, and the teachers, it is their responsibility to make sure they don't stray from the biblical truths laid out from Genesis to Revelation.


Warped Signals

Unfortunately, as it was already warned by Jesus and all the prophets, the "Mother of Harlots" and her "daughters" have warped God's Word in order to justify their own actions and beliefs.  As Jesus explained, even among the "elite" there would be enough deception in place that would have people running in a direction that will lead to their own destruction.

Jesus also warned of a false Christ that would lead the churches and their congregations astray.  There is not a single religion, including Christianity, that hasn't been deceived at least once.  The majority of them are still wallowing in pools of deception.  Until they learn to reach out to Jesus, they will continue to drown in a world that's determined to kill them.

The root cause behind the warped signals so many people follow is pride.  This was the very thing that transitioned a beautiful angel known as Lucifer into the grotesque devil now referred to as Satan.  Pride is a weapon Satan knows how to manipulate with precision.  This entity dangles pride like candy in front of people it knows can manipulate with ease.

This was the exact same tactic the devil used on Eve.  In turn, Eve did exactly as expected as she lured Adam to join her on a path that promised one thing but delivered the opposite.  Duped by Satan into believing the Tree of Knowledge was worth embracing, Adam and Eve learned the hard way it was more like the Tree of Ignorance.  Even though their eyes were opened as Satan said they would be, they also became blind at the same time.


Veils of Deceit

Causing the blindness among mankind are the veils of deceit.  This is mentioned often throughout the Holy Bible.  This is the real pandemic that plagues every single person, regardless of what nation they call home.  While stuck in a bubble that's fully walled with veils of deception, Satan's prisoners will see only what they're allowed to see.

Unfortunately, the majority do so without question.  We see this pattern continue in the form of mainstream news, as well as every form of communication that works into the psyche of every man, woman, and child.  For Satan, this is great because it's easier to manipulate them all to think and act a certain way that will lead to their own destruction.  In an effort to make sure they stay deceived, Satan showers them with opportunities to engage in all seven of the deadly sins without giving them a second thought.


Tearing Veils

Knowing Jesus Christ is determined to reach as many of people as possible, Satan goes all out to keep the population distracted.  This is accomplished by keeping them entertained and misinformed.  Each time the devil realizes a person is on the brink of making a direct connection to Jesus, extra effort is used to make sure it doesn't happen.  If pride doesn't work then Satan will use reverse psychology to convince the person they're not worthy enough to be saved.  Interesting how this works, huh?

In the Bible, Jesus pointed out many people will be saved but only a few will be chosen.  The many are all the people trapped inside Satan's worldly playground.  The few are the people who've learned to drown out the world and pay attention to God's voice only.  This connection is made possible by the Holy Spirit.

As a trio, God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit work together as one singular entity that knows the world as we know it is doomed for destruction.  That fate was already decided the day mankind handed physical control of it over to Satan.  Several opportunities were given to take it back but the sinful nature of human beings made it impossible to do so.  God already knew this, even before Satan deceived Adam and Eve.


The Road to Freedom

In the Bible, the Tree of Life was also mankind's road to eternal freedom.  However, they were deceived by Satan who convinced them it was slavery.  They were convinced the Tree of Knowledge was the better way to go if they truly wanted to be more like God.  What they weren't told was that was the road that led to their own imprisonment.

God knew Adam and Eve would choose wrong but there was hope they wouldn't have acted so rebelliously.  This is who God is.  God is about freedom, which is something the common belief in this world suggests otherwise.  That deception continues as Satan's pride refuses to let God's people go.

As the world has indeed entered the End Times, the road to freedom has become more clear than ever among believers who know Jesus (who is God) is the real deal.  God's Word has been 100% truth all this time.  He has indeed remained unchanged while the same can't be said about the world.

The road to freedom isn't easy to come by when the veils of deceit have clouded a person's judgment.  It's even worse when the weights of pride and the other six deadly sins keep them down.  For as long as people remain trapped in that realm, they're drowning themselves in a toxic pool of deception until the day they die.

More obvious than ever now, Jesus has been separating the goats to the left while corralling his sheep to safety to the right.  The stubborn goats all share the same characteristic traits as Satan.  They're all too boastful and prideful for their own good.  As pointed out in Romans 1:28, their refusal to pay attention to God's reasoning will result in a debased mindset that will lead to destruction.


Back to Eden

The political and social left continue to run amok with a brand of logic that contradicts God at every turn.  Among the political and social right, many seem to align with God's point of view, even if some of them don't even know it yet.  As for the people sitting on the fence in the middle, they're setting themselves up for disaster.  This is a slothful attitude that is just as deadly as the sin of pride.  Apathy is a mix of all seven deadly sins rolled up in one that acts like a sleeping pill.

When the time comes for God to bring His people home, the apathetic will be left behind with the goats.  In order for them to get back on the road to freedom that will lead them to God's new Eden, they'll need to break ties with the lukewarm church.  This will mean dropping all the liberal beliefs about God that have been wrong all along.

As for the people who've been gathered to the right as God's obedient sheep, they're not corralled to live a life of slavery.  It is quite the contrary.  They will be free to roam in a new world and a new heaven God has created specifically for them.

If you want that world for yourself but am not quite sure how to get there, start by humbling yourself before God and start praying.  At the same time, pick up the Holy Bible (preferably King James Version) and start reading.  As you do, pray to God for a better understanding of what you've read.  He will help you for as long as you're willing to allow Him to do so.  That help comes from the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.  Remember, the only way to reach God is through Jesus.  Only He is able to save you from a world that literally is hell-bent to kill you.




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