Between Goats and Sheep

Between Goats and Sheep

Since the beginning of God's creation of the human race, the spiritual battle between goats and sheep has always boiled down to who chooses to be obedient and who chooses to be rebellious.  The goats stubbornly stick to the left with their set of ideologies while the loyal sheep remain on the right.  On occasion, one of God's sheep gets lost. Sometimes, it finds itself dealing with at least one goat who'd love nothing more than to ram it to death.


The Goat vs. The Sheep

In Genesis, Eve was a female lamb who was led astray by Satan.  Otherwise known as the devil, this enemy of mankind was the first goat who rebelled against God.  Instead of happily serving the creator of all things, Satan's pride and jealousy gave him cause to rebel against God.  He first attacked Eve, who in turn influenced Adam as the first two sheep who found themselves lost in the devil's schemes.

When God created his first man and his first woman, it was the intent these two human beings would become even greater than the angels he had already created before them.  Satan despised this and was able to convince some of his fellow angels to rebel against God.  That deception included influencing Adam and Eve, as well as their children.

Since then, the world has been held hostage by an entity whose primary purpose is to destroy what God has considered his greatest creation.  Satan and his demons became the first team of "leftists" who deliberately formed a group who would excel at deceiving members of the human race.  The first example of this can be seen through Cain.


Between Good and Evil

When Adam and Eve failed to obey God, their creator did exactly what any caring parent would do to their naughty children.  As a consequence of their actions, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden.  Since they opted to favor the forbidden Tree of Knowledge instead of being satisfied with the Tree of Life, God gave the couple exactly what they wanted.

Adam and Eve became the first two examples of a well-known phrase, "Be careful what you wish for."

As cruel as the punishment God dished out to Adam and Eve, it was fitting.  They wanted to know the difference between good and evil.  This included knowing the difference between the realms of Heaven and Hell.  They were also introduced to pain and suffering, as well as death.

While Eve's painful experience giving child birth seemed as extreme as it was, she was still blessed with the miracle of life.  She and Adam had twin sons, Cain and Abel.  However, these two boys may have shared the same parents but they didn't share the same spirit.


Between Cain and Abel

Among bible readers, they're aware Cain murdered Abel after he learned God favored his twin brother's actions over his own.  Between the two, Cain acted on an ideology he conjured up that backfired.  Instead of humbling himself and accept the fact that he did wrong, he behaved like a stubborn goat and killed Abel.

Cain's actions against Abel mirrors exactly how certain human beings behave when they refuse to admit they're in the wrong.  In many cases, they don't even realize what they've done.  When Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, even he stated in Luke 23:34 "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do!"

Like dominoes, the goat-like mentality among the "left" would rather maintain a path of rebellion instead of humbling themselves to admit the possibility they acted with haste.  This was the same stubborn attitude Satan had before getting cast out of Heaven.  This being still has it today and still acts as the primary influencer behind all the people who don't seem to know any better.


Between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge

When Satan deceived Adam and Eve to embrace the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life, there was the promise they'd become like God when it came to understanding how the world works.  However, what he didn't tell them was the Tree of Knowledge also doubled as the Tree of Ignorance.

The Tree of Ignorance serves as an educational program that seems like its teaching the people valuable knowledge.  However, nothing can be further from the truth.  What this evil tree does is teach men and women to become more like Satan.  The devil banks on the spiritual immaturity of men and women to blindly follow certain ideologies instead of God and all the truths that come from him.

So, instead of becoming more like God, members of the human race who favor the Tree of Knowledge became more like Satan.  This includes embracing the first example of what a transgender really is.  Unlike God's greatest creation, the devil was not born with an assigned gender.  Despite often being referenced as "he" Satan never did possess the same genetics like men and women do.

Since the moment Satan deceived Adam and Eve, there has been a division between the so-called left and the so-called right.  Even between Adam and Eve, the division was created.  Adam was stubborn while Eve acknowledged her error and humbled herself before God.  Adam chose to blame Eve for his fall instead of accepting the reality that he was equally responsible for his own actions.

These personality traits extended to Cain and Abel.  Like Adam, Cain was stubborn.  Like Eve, Abel was humble.  After Abel's death, along came Seth.  However, even with Seth, his descendants also experienced a division among them as God gave every member of the human race a wonderful gift known as Freewill.


Between Freedom and Slavery

When Adam and Eve chose the Tree of Knowledge, they unwittingly chose slavery over freedom.  Satan pretended to be an advocate of freedom but was really more interested in enslaving the entire human race.  This is the exact same approach many politicians and social activists have been exercising against a population that are just as easy to dupe today.

Commonly referred to as left-wing, these political and social leaders win over a flurry of followers who have no idea how badly deceived they are.  Today, it has become more evident than ever as the rebelliousness against what God had in mind continues to serve as the real pandemic plaguing the world.  This sad fact will remain unchanged until Jesus Christ makes his imminent return to set things right.

Examples of left-wing government and the disaster left in their wake include how the Egyptians behaved in Exodus.  The mistreatment its political and social leaders exercised against the Hebrews is well-documented and not just in the Holy Bible and Torah.  There was no real freedom with this Egyptian government in place, not even among their own people.

Even after Exodus, history kept repeating itself, even among the Hebrews.  Otherwise known as Jews, there has been division among its ranks.  It was evident that not every single member of the Jewish community shared the same spiritual traits.  John the Baptist made this abundantly clear in Matthew 3:9 with his statement, "And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham."

Once again, that Tree of Knowledge mankind embraced proved to be more like Tree of Ignorance as Satan's global deception continued.  It still runs its course today.  Whenever people have a better grip on reality attempt to reason with the "left" it almost always seem to be in vain.


Between Left and Right

The common problem shared among the global population who sum up the "left" is the goat-like stubbornness.  This is to be expected as the lifestyles these people have chosen for themselves embraces all seven of the deadly sins that were described in the Holy Bible.  Instead of acknowledging them for what they are and changing course, they keep going on what they fail to realize is suicide.

When stated Satan has deceived the entire world, this is not an overstatement.  Even among the "right," not one can honestly admit they haven't been duped at least once into believing something that wasn't true.  If anything, the moment Satan deceived Adam and Eve, so did the curse of every human being born into sin begin.

What Adam and Eve did was favor the flesh instead of the spirit.  Because of that fateful choice, every person was cursed to start their lives out in the flesh instead of the spirit.  Even as an unborn fetus, this was the case.  However, as awful as this curse seems to be, it also came with an opportunity to turn the curse around into a blessing.

Among most people who are categorized as "right-wing" advocates, that blessing is evident.  Instead of behaving like stubborn goats, they behave sheep.  While the left-wingers see this as a weakness, the sheep-like mentality is actually the right's greatest strength.


Between the Sheep

Shepherds who tend a flock of sheep have the advantage of their stock listening to only one master.  Instead of becoming influenced with a flurry of voices, they'd rather stick to the one leader who hasn't done them wrong.  For as long as the shepherd has a good moral compass and does what he knows is best for his herd, the sheep know they're in good hands.

This is the case with God.  The majority of people classified as "right" tend to have solid values in place that mirror the same structure as God's.  These people are also often classified as religious fundamentalists.  Among members of the Christian and Jewish communities, they're often criticized for having values that don't comply with world's trending expectations.  In some cases, even members of the Islamic community experience this.

Evidence of the criticism the "right" receive is really obvious today as members of the "WOKE" community spare no effort to blast anyone who doesn't share their ideologies.  When it comes to sensitive topics such as a child's education and gender identity issues, most of the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims share the stance that their children should be left alone.  Although not as covered as thoroughly today, the fight against the agendas laid out by left-wing politicians and social activists continues.

There's also a fight over the trends revolving around transgenderism.  Instead of respecting God's layout of every human being born as male or female, members of the WOKE community prefer to blur the lines with their own set of ideologies.  The pattern these people are following is identical to Satan's.


Between the Goats

Technically speaking, Satan is the first example of a transgender.  Neither born as male or female, this entity used to be Lucifer, one of God's most beautiful and gifted angels.  However, pride and jealousy overwhelmed Lucifer to transform into Satan.  The horns of jealousy steered this being to run in a direction that served as a major downfall.  Hence the familiar term "pride before the fall" as this perfectly describes the transformation of beautiful Lucifer into disfigured Satan.

When going over the pages of the Holy Bible, there were examples of certain kings and leaders who met a similar fate.  King Solomon, son of King David, was the most glorified kings celebrated in the Old Testament.  However, even he fell from grace once he abandoned God.  As a result, the kingdoms of Israel and Judea were split in two once Solomon's son, Rehoboam, became king after he died.  From that time forward, the Hebrews never fully recovered as the division among them still continues unto today.

Bottom line, goats love to fight.  Even after achieving whatever goals they've set out to accomplish, it's never enough.  Today's reality is a primary example of this unfortunate fact.  The global turmoil that has so many people gripped continues to rage on as the stubborn goats have yet to acknowledge whatever better world they intended has become much worse.

Once again, pride has clouded the judgement of people who share a goat-like attitude.  Instead of celebrating whatever victory they have accomplished, they move onto the next target.  In many cases, they even turn on each other when one shares a slightly different point of view.  Oddly enough, as soon as the goats turn on each other, some of them end up becoming sheep.


Between Wake-Up Calls

Even in biblical texts, there is clear evidence not all people who behave like stubborn goats stay that way.  One of the best examples of this would be King Manasseh, son of King Hezekiah.  When he became ruler of Judah at twelve years old, he was a maniacal leader who bathed in nothing but evil and shed much innocent blood.  His major wake-up call came near the end of his 55-year reign and is well described in 2 Chronicles 33:1-13.

King Manasseh repented and turned to the Lord.  However, he also experienced the same fate as many Christians and Jews who chose to love him instead of the world and its trends.  Manasseh was killed by his own son, Amon, and a people who wanted to maintain a lifestyle that isn't any different than what's going on in this world today.

Regardless if people believe in biblical prophecy or not, the path the world is on right now is not just chaotic but also self-destructive.  Repeatedly, wake-up calls have struck mankind in an effort to steer everyone straight.  Unfortunately, not everyone takes it for what it is and opts to become even more rebellious than ever.  Whether those wake-up calls are seen as God taking action or not, they are alarming enough among people who pay attention to get their act together.


Between God and the World

The most common trait shared among people deemed as leftists is the lack of knowledge and respect where God is concerned.  However, even among members of religious communities, they don't seem to understand the gravity of the situation they're in.  Instead of believing and staying true to God and His Word, they'd rather continue with ideologies according to their own accord.

This was the mistake many Exodus Jews made when they fled Egypt.  Instead of sticking with God, they became rebellious.  Between expectation issues and a bloated sense of pride, all but two people from a generation perished before making it to the promised land.  What plagued the population then is the same one that exists today.

1 John 2:15-16 stated, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him."

When people in the world prefer to embrace its trends instead of God what they're doing is choosing a lifestyle designed to destroy them.  They'd rather live in the flesh instead of thinking ahead about the consequences of their actions.  This always leads to disaster.  The events leading up to the tale of Noah's Ark in Genesis made this clear, as well as the decimation of the Israel and Judah kingdoms.

Bad leadership and a misguided population led to these downfalls that cost scores of lives.  The trend continues because Satan still has a deceptive grip-hold on too many people who don't seem to know any better.  Their judgement is so badly clouded due to pride and it is a veil that keeps them blinded from the truth.  Until that veil is torn, the so-called "woke" will continue to run around in spiritual comas.


Favoring God

Among the population favoring God, namely Jesus Christ, they have a distinct advantage among those who don't.  However, not everybody believing in God and/or Jesus are on the right path.  As warned numerous times in the bible, many false Christs, prophets, and teachers will appear and have numerous followers deceived.

Altogether, they're known as the lukewarm church.  A solid reference what's to become of these people is made in Revelation 3:16.  According to it, they will be "spewed" out of God's mouth.  Instead of following God and His Word, exactly as it was written, the apathetic members of Christianity will experience a nasty dose of reality when the time comes.

Throughout the Holy Bible, Jesus and his prophets, including Apostle Paul, point out the do's and don'ts when it comes to staying true to God as a believer.  It also warned about the Mother of Harlots and her daughters.  These are easy enough to identify but scores of believers refuse to see it.  Again, pride gets in the way, clouding their better judgement.

Should I reveal who they are?  Sadly, even if I do so, heated backlash would be the result.  That backlash comes from the goat-like personalities who'd rather run the wide highway on the left instead of the narrow one on the right.  Among bible believers who know a thing or two about God's word, they know what that means, too.  According to Matthew 7:14, "Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."

Are you among the few or are you among the many?  At the moment, there is a growing population of people in the world that's running down the wide highway to hell.  The rest, which sometimes feel like are fewer in number, are sticking to the narrow road, no matter how perilous it looks.  Instead of drowning in the sins of the flesh, they'd rather embark on a spiritual journey that sets them apart from a people that are literally dancing with the devil.


Favoring Freedom

Oddly enough, the left-wing politicians and social activists started out with the promise of freedom.  This was a ruse to win over followers so they could hold positions of power.  It's the exact same trick used by Satan when Adam and Eve were deceived.  Unwittingly, the people gave up the very thing they already head but failed to notice.

Instead of the freedom they were promised, the people were enslaved.  The schemes conjured up by left-wing leaders is identical to what Satan laid out in Genesis.  Nothing has changed except the timeline.

Also plaguing the world is the burial of truth.  Satan, as well as the leftists who blindly follow this entity's schemes, want nothing to do with the truth.  They'd rather run with certain ideologies with the hope everyone will blindly follow without question.  Unfortunately, too many do as it's easier to be slothful than it is to exercise genuine discernment.

Today, many people blindly support agendas laid out by political and social leaders that have a well-documented and proven history of enslaving members of the human race.  Evidence of this can also be found in archaeological and geographical findings.  Again, unfortunately, too many people are caught up in the lies would rather stick to its narrative instead of the truth.

Throughout the course of human history, the fight for freedom has been a continual struggle.  Satan was the first to take it away and has always led the charge to denying people their God-given right to live their lives as freely as possible.  However, that freedom doesn't mean one has the right to become slothful.


Between Jesus and False Prophets

When Satan deceived Adam and Eve to hand over control of the world, God has always been there to help mankind fight in the name of freedom.  Although he could snap his fingers and have everything done for them, God knew human beings needed to learn from their mistakes.

Throughout the bible, God has repeatedly intervened on mankind's behalf so that it wouldn't completely snuff itself out of existence.  There is evidence of this, plain as day, from the tales of Noah's Ark to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Even beyond the scriptures written in the Holy Bible, it is apparent God hasn't turned his back on his people.

Even today, the evidence is there that God is still there for the people who believe in him.  However, blind belief through a religious leader isn't enough.  Too often, religious leaders send members of their congregation down a road they shouldn't be on.  That's why Jesus Christ made it clear in John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

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