Top 10 Classic Rock Songs about Cats

Top 10 Classic Rock Songs about Cats

As a writer for Classic Rock History, I wrote an article focusing on the Top 10 Classic Rock Songs about Cats.  Now, the rules I had to follow had me keep out Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" as she didn't fit the profile of a genuine classic rocker.  As diverse as her musical profile has been, she is more recognized as an R&B artist than one as a rocker.

I just finished writing up an article focusing on the best musical artists that came from Indiana.  This time, I was able to talk about Janet Jackson as one of the members of the most influential family in music history.  However, when it came to choosing that one song that resonated with the Jacksons most, I went with the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."  This one became legend so ignoring it in favor of "Black Cat" was simply not an option.

But here, on my own site, I'm able to share it.  Granted, her song was more about the concern she had over a friend who led a lifestyle she knew would catch up to them sooner or later.  What I liked about the song was the amount of energy that was poured into it.  Janet Jackson was determined to establish a recording career on her own terms and she did exactly that.  Where the Jackson brothers (especially Michael) excelled as a pop act, their baby sister delivered a brand of music that was more diverse.

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OMG! You are so funny! I read your article on the Classic Rock site and all I have to say is WOW! I read over a few more of your articles. They’re lengthy but that’s what I like about them. You go into detail where other sites that come up with top 10 lists are too vague. Thank you for letting me know about Classic Rock. What a difference between it and the other sites!

Gerhardt Schaub

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