Angel Studios vs. Hollywood Studios

Angel Studios vs. Hollywood Studios

After learning about one of my favorite actors, Neal McDonough committing his acting career to Angel Studios, I looked it up. I'm now gunning to become part of its team as a content creator and contributor. I'm also taking an interest in helping this studio grow. Hollywood is a lost cause with its WOKISM.

Angel Studios is awesome! McDonough was rejected by Hollywood for 15 years and nearly lost everything because he chose to side with God instead of the garbage Hollywood tried to force him to promote.


Standing Against Hollywood

He is among many actors who chose to stand their ground as a faithful follower of Jesus instead of going lukewarm and losing who he is as a person. Other actors have done this and they're easy to spot. Observe who Hollywood, mainstream media, and anyone favoring leftist-style junk hate.

Remember, the world hates Jesus with a passion. Anybody who chooses Jesus over the world already makes themselves an enemy against a global system that is truly demonic. Tim Allen, Mel Gibson, Kevin Sorbo, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, and James Woods are just a few names that have taken a stand against corporate media and its ungodly whims.

I still remember when Gibson was plastered as a bad guy after his arrest - one that was staged with every intent to ruin the man and his career. The full truth of what happened did come out but mainstream media buried it. Gibson did have his faults at that time, yes, but he was not the big bad guy the media was so determined to portray. It was "the establishment" and at a timeframe when Passions of the Christ was in production and later released in movie theaters.


Invest in Angel Studios

I'm hoping others take an interest in investing in Angel Studios. What I find great about them is their dedication to spreading God's word that's entertaining and informative. What's great about Angel Studios is there is a greater interest to reach an audience without charging a penny instead of making a profit from them.

What's interesting is the prosperity of Angel Studios in 2023 has become greater than what's been happening to Hollywood and it's run of flops. Is this by coincidence? Hardly. People who are paying attention understand the bigger picture and it's the same one Angel Studios has been showing all along.

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