It's been a long time since Pioneer Kitty Market has posted a blog here.  During our absence, we have been busy working with community members who were in need of our help.  Now that we're able to shift our focus at a more direct level, we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their patience.  You know who you are as you were each given a $100 Pioneer Kitty Market gift voucher to spend as you like on our website.

Among those in the know, you're aware we're undergoing a major revival to bring Pioneer Kitty Market into a new era of sorts.  Some of you may have seen the changes taking place already on our website.  There are many more to come as we continue to work with a growing number of artists and designers to bring forth a great catalog of items.

We're also setting up contracts with certain retail outlets and chains that will allow our products to be carried at physical locations throughout Canada and the United States.

So stay tuned as we continue to be on the prowl as the curious (but cautious) cats we are.

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