Influentially Speaking

Influentially Speaking

Influentially speaking, the number one method for companies to be successful in social media marketing is to avoid getting into the turbulence going on right now where political and social activism is concerned. At the moment, too many companies are making the mistake of assumptions by listening to a small group of people instead of making the effort to understand what's really trending in the marketplace. If the majority of consumers fit a certain demographic that is responsible for keeping the lights on (so to speak), then stick to pleasing that audience.


Social Media Advertising

Today, social media has become the best source of advertising, information, and misinformation. With a growing number of people no longer trusting mainstream news networks, they've now turned to alternative sources to get their news. Because of this, companies have learned to shift their advertising dollars to fund social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Via social media marketing, companies can focus more directly on an audience that already buys their products. As ideal as it is to reach out to new customers, doing so at the expense of existing customers is one of the worst moves a company can possibly make. So again, focus on a database of customers that already make you money. If you don't have one yet then you can still use social media to your advantage so that you can raise brand awareness in your favor.



One excellent method that has always worked is the use of influencers. Long before it officially became a title, influencers played a key role in a company's success story. At the time, they were simply considered as either brand ambassadors or salespeople.

What sets influencers apart from brand ambassadors and salespeople is the media platform that's used to do the advertising. Brand ambassadors serve as models for a company that will make an appearance wherever they're needed in order to promote whatever it's selling. Usually, celebrities will make a contract agreement with a specific company to act as a spokesperson. Nike made a niche out of hiring world-class athletes like Michael Jordan to show off their moves while sporting their equipment. Without having to say a word, Jordan would make his slam dunks while showing off a pair of Nike shoes. In response, the fans would spend their money on whatever it is he's wearing.

Normally, brand ambassadors received more respect than salespeople. Instead of getting into a customer's face which can sometimes annoy them, ambassadors simply strut around with the intent to be noticed. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Isn't this what influencers do on the internet?


Merging Roles

However, influencers merge the roles of brand ambassadors and salespersons together as one entity. They'll not only show off whatever they're selling visually but do so with some form of advertisement that sounds like a friend is simply sharing their experience about the product. In the beginning, nobody gave influencers much thought and it was a cheap form of advertising for companies and brands to get noticed.

Things have changed as the marketing appeal of influencers has grown. Some of the most successful influencers on social media have become incredibly expensive to work with. While it's still possible to work with influencers that don't have such hefty price tags, there is still a cost of some kind involved. At this point, it's up to the company to decide which avenue they wish to take. The best bet is to research marketing trends, as well as any influencers that may be of interest to you. Find out more about the influencer before choosing to do business with them.


Finding Influencers

If you're looking for good influencers, sites like Intellifluence has a large network of people that offer brands a variety of options to work with.  When performing a Google search, you will find many platforms that provide a network of influencers that have signed up to promote your brand.

Are influencers worth it?  That depends on what your goals are and who you work with.  Ideally, finding an influencer on the same page as you will be your best bet.  If the two of you share common interests, odds are you'll work off each other very well and you will both stand to benefit from the partnership.

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