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Natural Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl

Natural Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl

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If you're looking for the ideal companion to work with you as you crochet or knit your next project, check out our Natural Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl. These handy bowls work with you to make your crafting experience easier. They stop your yarn from rolling off and keep the ball threads tidy. 

The smooth surface of these bowls provides a clean outstretch of thread without damage. These bowls are also unbreakable. So if kids or pets accidentally knock them over, they'll be fine. They're also heavy enough to stay in place as you work on your project. The versatility of the Natural Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl also allows it to store your gadgets, crochet needles, small tools, and other crafting items.

It's the perfect gift for crochet fans, knitters, and yarn lovers. 

Additional Natural Wooden Yarn Storage Bowl Specifications: 

Material: Hardwood
Size:  Inner diameter: 15cm/5.9“
Height: 8cm/3“4

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