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Baby Beach Pool & Tent (With Optional Swimming Ring)

Baby Beach Pool & Tent (With Optional Swimming Ring)

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Allow going to the beach or park as safe and fun as possible with this Baby Beach Pool and Tent setup. It's a great way to protect your little one from the sun's UV rays. Even if outdoor playtime is in the convenience of your backyard, this works. The waterproof material used to make this cute little built-in pool underneath the pop tent is durable enough to keep up with your baby and their activities.

The portability of this baby beach tent makes it easy to go wherever you go. It also works as a handy bathing station, especially when you're away from home on vacation or a camping trip.

As an option, there is also a swimming ring for your baby to enjoy playtime in their pool even more. This is also a safe device for your baby to use during playtime. Even when not using the beach baby tent, this swimming ring works as a safe and floatable device as you and your baby play in a larger body of water.


Additional Product Specifications:

Pool Size: 117cm*79CM*70cm
Pool Weight (without water): 0.4~0.5kg

*Comes in a Polyester Bag*

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