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Angry Eyes Bathroom Set

Angry Eyes Bathroom Set

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This Angry Eyes bathroom set adds a hint of humor to one of the most important rooms in your home.  If you have a dark sense of humor, these eyes suggest someone is staring back at you as if to size up your level of cleanliness.  Did you meet its approval?

The flannel material makes the bath rug and the U-shaped toilet rug nice and soft to step on while the lid cover adds a nice little cushion between it and the tank when flipped open.  The rubber soles provide anti-slip coverage, adding safety value to this bathroom set.


* Flannel material and rubber soles toilet suit 
* 3 pieces set includes a toilet cover, toilet U pad, and floor rug                   
* Non-slip floor mats
* Easy to clean, vacuum and wash using lukewarm water, leave to air dry

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