Globalism vs. Jesus

Globalism vs. Jesus

In dream, I witnessed Canadians rounded up like cattle and sent for slaughter. This dream took place before the 2019 federal election took place. In that dream, I noticed Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, having what seemed like unchallenged power as he ran the country as a dictator.


Where Are We Going?

The start of the dream had me following a yellow school bus. It was loaded with people and we were on the highway. From what I got from the dream, we were west of Winnipeg, south of Portage la Prairie, and east of Brandon. All of this was in the province of Manitoba.

The demographics felt like a triangle but not a very big one. It was isolated.  When I was following the bus in the dream, I had no idea where we were going.  I did clue in that it was leading to an evil destination. As we traveled, I also observed a chopper in the air and military vehicles that were heading in the same direction.


Final Destination

When the bus arrived at its destination, it was surrounded by trees and it was isolated. It was a fully walled, well armed prison camp. The gate opened up to allow the bus through and close immediately behind it. While inside, the ground was soaked with mud and blood. Armed thugs pretending to be soldiers were militants answering only to Trudeau's top-ranking officials.

As soon as the bus stopped, all of the passengers were led out. They were families. Parents were separated to the right while their children were sent to the left. The first set of parents protested as they frantically tried to hang onto their child. This was a futile attempt as they were killed by someone I recognized as an extremist who claimed to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It was a tactic designed to keep the other parents in line. At first it didn't until a defiant child fought valiantly to escape back to his parents. He was beheaded in the attempt just as he neared the open arms of his mother. The militants allowed the woman to scream in agony as she mourned over her child. They laughed as she did so before taking it upon themselves to beat her to death with boots and the rifles they were holding.

This was enough to keep the children and their parents in line.  Frozen with fear, they complied with whatever the militants forced them to do.  It was clear from this point of view among the children and teens who were there longer that they had been brainwashed and conditioned to behave like drones.  You could see it in their eyes that their humanity had been stripped away from them.  All that stood in the form of blood and flesh were young men who were no longer in touch with their emotions.


Where Are The Girls?

As the children were separated from their parents, the boys and the girls were also separated from each other. The boys were taken to the camp's idea of a training facility where they would be conditioned to behave like cold-hearted killers. It was learned these boys would pass their final test by killing their own parents as part of a graduation ceremony.

If the boy wished to live, he would carry out this heartless action. Failure was not an option. It was either comply or be tortured to death, along with his parents, as an act of humiliation before the crowd.

As for the girls, they were lined up before a group of men. These men were a mix of lower and higher-ranking militants who had full control of this camp we were in. The prettiest were chosen first, regardless of her age. If there were any girls who seemed too unattractive or too unhealthy, she would be executed on the spot.

There were also babies. The males who appeared healthy were preserved and adopted by the men who controlled the camp. Among the females who appeared healthy, about half were kept alive while the other half were executed. This was the gruesome reality of what was going on inside the camp.


What About Me?

Oddly enough, as I witnessed the horror of what was going on inside the camp, it was as if I was a ghost. Nobody saw me. Nothin happened to me. I simply witnessed everything happen before my eyes like a bad nightmare.

Outside the prison camp, it was clear all of Canada was in a state of chaos. In all honest, it wasn't Canada anymore. It had become something else. As a city, Winnipeg became a heap of ruins. As if watching from an overhead view with some ground coverage, I could see intense fighting as people rebelled against an army of evil that were sent to kill anyone who resisted Trudeau's vision of how Canada should be as a nation.


Destruction Everywhere

This was the case clean across the country. It was also learned this wasn't just happening in Canada. In the United States of America, it was just as chaotic. There was no Trump in charge and the government in charge there were carrying out the exact same actions as Trudeau and his people.

There were camps just like the one I saw located throughout America and Canada. There weren't very many but they were effective. As I witnessed these events, it was clear both nations were engaged in civil wars against governments who let them down. From what I understood, the rest of the world wasn't doing any better, either.


When Does It End?

As horrific as this dream experience was, there was an interesting end to it that somewhat came unexpectedly. In the dream, as I watched the world as I know it blow itself apart, I was being elevated from the scene. It was as if I was being carted off to safety.

I also observed I wasn't the only one. There were people who were included. To be more specific, I knew they were genuine Christians. That dream ended with a rapture experience that had such a profound impact on me.

Was that a prophetic dream? Perhaps. I have every reason to believe God himself showed me something that's a guarantee. The world as we know it is dying and there is nothing we can do stop it. It's suffering from a pandemic that's been around ever since Satan deceived Adam and Eve, according to the Genesis account of the Holy Bible.


Jesus Christ Matters

Like it or not, believe it or not, Jesus Christ matters. He really does. Devout followers who've been faithful to him despite their shortcomings know this. That born again, spirit-filled feeling is truly as supernatural as it gets. Nothing on earth comes close to it.

Despite all the efforts global trendsetters try to railroad the human population down a road they shouldn't be on, their efforts have always been in vain in the past. This is still the case today and it will be the case once Jesus makes his return. There is no mistake he is coming and his arrival date is much sooner than many people dare to think.

When I woke from that dream, I knew I had to share what I saw. I knew holding back about it was not an option. Sometimes dreams that feel as prophetic as this one I tend to share as a slideshow on my personal YouTube channel. To date, I have yet to do so. It has been shared on Facebook, Gab, and Twitter as a post but that's it. Perhaps I'll go the YouTube route soon as I feel God nudging me to write this one out.

What I have shared is a slideshow not much different than what I dreamt in 2019 where Canada and Trudeau are concerned. Since I was six years old, I've encountered occasional dreams that felt prophetic by nature. I've dreamt about chaos, death, and destruction for years but had mostly kept silent until 2008.


Change Is Coming

2008 marked the year of a dream experience I know without doubt came from Jesus. That was my born again, spirit-filled moment. To be honest, unless you've personally experienced something like that you won't fully understand what I'm talking about. Genuine Christians reading this will get it. The rest won't.

Make no mistake. Change IS coming! Unfortunately, we have to contend with the madness of a world led by lunatics who pose as political and social leaders. Those running the world right now are not in alignment with God at all. Some pretend to be but they're not.

As horrible as the events unfolding before our eyes are, I'm oddly calm as I know how it will all end. I'm aware we're about to experience a new darkness that will sweep around the world like a plague but I'm also aware it's going to be short-term. However, this doesn't mean we should sit around and do nothing.


Don't Be Lukewarm

According to Revelation 3:16, Jesus will violently spit out members of the lukewarm church. This will include so-called Christians who made the mistake of following liberal ideologies instead of following God's word as-is. These are members of a religious system designed by the Mother of Harlots. References of these church organizations are made throughout the Holy Bible, especially Revelation.

It's not going to matter which religious faction you side with. It boils down to God's grace and how he will judge you based on your actions. Even some churchgoers aren't guaranteed to be saved from a world that's already as good as dead. This was pointed out in the Holy Bible as well, many times over, including Revelation.

Members of the lukewarm church are people who follow global trends.  It is they who love the world.  Making this mistake has consequences as Jesus warned with the following statement;

It is because of the lukewarm church (apathetic people) that the world is in the state it's in. Bear in mind, the whole world has been deceived so this fate was already inevitable. However, by snapping out of the same realm Justin Trudeau and people like him wallow in, you have a chance for salvation.

It won't be easy but it is necessary if you expect to avoid a fate that's already destined for people who are too bent to do evil instead of an ounce of good.

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