New Stuff

New Stuff

Pioneer Kitty Market has new stuff!  In the process, we turfed out some of the old so we can reorganize our catalog with items that are popular and trending.  We've also expanded our Christian-related collection as fellow believers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Among nonbelievers who care nothing for God's Word, this is something we opt not to force upon you.  Pioneer Kitty Market caters to most interest groups as we care more about people and less about expectations and traditions.  We've learned from personal experience blindly following something because it's expected isn't the same as following something that actually matters to us.  We are human beings that each have our own personalities.  Trying to force someone to comply with a certain lifestyle against their will only leads to disaster.

If you haven't subscribed with Pioneer Kitty Market yet, the invitation is there for you to do so.  Although we're still small-fry compared to most of the bigger online shopping outlets, we happen to be big at heart.  As we continue to grow as a shop, we're also growing as a community.  We have set forth a series of goals we hope God will give us his blessing to move forward with.

In closing, we pray you are safe, happy, and well where you are.  Even though we may not personally know you, we care enough to pray on your behalf that the Lord blesses you and keeps you.  These are the types of cats we are.

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