Introducing our Bargain Basement

Introducing our Bargain Basement

Come on over to Pioneer Kitty Market's Bargain Basement if you're looking for deals we're not able to post anywhere else!  This was a recently new discovery we made as we scoured the net for new items we can work with to appease our customers.  In the process, we came across a great opportunity where we can do more for less.  As a result, you benefit as a customer who gets to cash in on this find.

This blog post probably comes across more like an ad than but sometimes that's how blogs work.  They behave like little news stories shared by websites like this one.


So, our news is we have access to a new avenue that gives you access to a new selection of products you otherwise wouldn't be able to access, either.  As odd as this may sound, Pioneer Kitty Market isn't necessarily doing this to make a profit at your expense.  We're aware even by giving you the link we now have access to that we could lose some of you as other shops like ours have made this discovery as well.

If you're into bargains, definitely pay the basement a visit.

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