Gaza 2024: The Great Deception

Gaza 2024: The Great Deception

When I see what's going on around the world, it sends me straight to Ephesians 5, Galatians 6:7, and Revelation 12:9. The world has indeed been deceived. The enemies of God are working overtime to dupe as many people as possible.

They do this by manipulating the masses with media coverage that's mostly false. Sadly, too many people are buying into the stories. It doesn't help with cartoon images created by people who are just as deceived or as manipulative.
What's worse is the majority of protesters who fail to understand what's really happening. Nearly all of them don't know a thing about the Lord and they know nothing about mankind's history. If they did, they wouldn't terrorize so many people with their antics. I'm also aware some of these protesters are getting paid to create as much chaos as possible.

In response, many who think they know the Lord are fighting back. Unfortunately, they don't realize they're going after the wrong enemy. The real enemy has been Satan all along. Even those who blindly follow him without question are victims of demonic forces that are holding them hostage.

I don't know if anyone here is familiar with Albert Pike. In 1871, he famously quoted how to engineer World War II, then World War III, to usher in his idea of a New World Order. What's going on before our eyes where Israel is concerned has been well-engineered to do exactly as instructed. We're seeing the (ugly) fruit of this reality right now.

The goal is to pit Islamists against Israelites as part of an overall game plan to crush Christiandom. Pike was a General for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. When peering into how much evil that man engineered, it's a shame educational facilities failed to expose this to their students when the American Civil War was taught as a historical school subject.

For me, the saddest part about what's going on is how badly duped both sides of the Gaza conflict are. Oddly enough, I knew it would happen as I watched what was going on as if it were a rerun of an old sitcom.

The people with the best perspective of what's happening are choosing Jesus over the world. That much is obvious. These are the people who are standing on what I refer to as "the Bridge of Jesus Christ." Instead of blindly following the stories the news is telling everyone, they choose God's Word as-is. They're standing their ground on what seems like a rickety bridge, according to members of the lukewarm church and nonbelievers.

In 1986, I had a dream about what we're seeing now. It was so profound that I've never forgotten the details. I shared it the best I could on YouTube in the form of a slideshow. Even there, what I actually saw was more detailed than what I shared with a bunch of pics as I told my story.

I've shared the link to that slideshow. I'm no prophet but I did clue in enough that I can't afford to be apathetic when so many lives are at stake. When I shared that slideshow at the time, I had Ezekiel 3:17-21 in my head. As much as the world wants me to shut up about Jesus, I choose to do the opposite. This includes exposing the propaganda machines engineered by globalists who are banking on every human being to fall for the stories they're being told.

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