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Women's Infinity Owl Ring Pendant Necklace

Women's Infinity Owl Ring Pendant Necklace

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Introducing the Women's Infinity Owl Ring Pendant, an exquisite piece of jewelry that is perfect for expressing your love. One of the pendants features a beautiful mother-and-child owl design, representing the never-ending bond between a parent and child. The other portrays a curious owl, perhaps wondering who is the delightful lady to sport such a beautiful pendant design.

The formation of these pendants is shaped like Figure 8.  The owl(s) sit at the bottom while the top is shaped like a heart.  This adds to the overall beauty of their appearance.

The pendant is also accented with a sparkling infinity ring, symbolizing everlasting love. Crafted from zinc alloy, this pendant is both stylish and durable. It makes a great gift for any special woman in your life, whoever she may be.


Additional Product Specification:
Chain Length: 50 cm (20 inches)

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