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Sensory Chew Teether Toy Necklace for Babies

Sensory Chew Teether Toy Necklace for Babies

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Looking for a chew toy for babies that is both safe and stylish? Look no further than this sensory chew teether necklace. Made of durable and soft silicone, this necklace features both large stud bumps and small round bumps to address different sensory needs. Plus, it comes with a cord and separation buckle for safety purposes. Whether you or your child are struggling with autism or just need a little extra help with sensory processing, this chew teether necklace is perfectly suited for the job. The pendant looks like a long flexible building block and is easy for your little one to grab and apply their teeth to.


Additional Product Specifications:
Material: Silicone
Size: 7.1*2*1.3cm

Package Includes: 1 x Teether Toy with cord and safety separation buckle

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