Annabelle's Cookies Gourmet Dog Treats - Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar ~ Handmade Pet Soap


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From Annabelle's Cookies, these Dirty Dog Shampoo Bars are made from a mild oatmeal base soap and are available in 7 different varieties. Dog-safe amounts of essential oils are used to create the scent, but please be sure to keep the soap out of their eyes and do not allow them to ingest it. Essential oils are toxic for cats, so please do not use this product for cats. Shampoo bars are packaged in a lightweight muslin bag with drawstrings.

PRO TIP: Customers can leave the shampoo bar in the bag when washing the dog. It's easier to grip and when finished, just hang it to dry!

INSTRUCTIONS: Slightly wet fur, rub shampoo bar into coat, lather, and rinse thoroughly. Do not get shampoo into the eyes or open sores. Do not ingest.