Stand Up and Support Parents

Stand Up and Support Parents

With the increase of certain groups painting a negative image each time a parent stands up for their children, it has become more important than ever for decent human beings to stand up and support these parents.  As the news continually covers one story after another they often show the gap between the ideologies of the far left and the determination of parents to protect their children.


Opinionated News

In the name of "wokism," certain newscasters refuse to reveal to their viewers the full truth of what's going on. When corporations, politicians, and school boards choose to cater agendas that go against core family values that have been the backbone of nations like Canada and the United States, they will be met with strong opposition.

However, the news either downplays these very serious situations into minor mishaps or alters the storyline to make the good guys look like the bad guys and visa versa.  By doing so, it brings to the spotlight a series of warnings that were laid out by some of the greatest philosophers and prophets ever recorded in human history.  Interestingly enough, the ideologies belonging to the extreme left and their supporters have gone to great lengths to either discredit or erase these stone cold truths.

Although one may regard today's brand of news to be more ridiculous than ever, bear in mind this isn't the first time a source households have trusted have lied to the general public. Even long before technology shaped how we receive the news today existed, there were journalists and storytellers that would reveal to the public whatever they wanted them to hear.  This was a practice that was used as far back as the Holy Bible's Genesis.


Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness

The first example of fake news came from Satan as he deceived Adam and Eve in a deliberate act of defiance against God.  The devil's brand of news had a mix of fact and fiction in it, then told in a manner that won over a pair of naive individuals who should have exercised better judgment.  Instead of listening to God and His Truth, they trusted a source that won them over the exact same way a predator lures an innocent child.  In this case, Satan's candy was the infamous apple as he convinced Eve to taste something she was already warned to stay away from.  In turn, she did the same to Adam.

Among bible believers, you know the full story.  As for the defiant who have yet to fully understand the gravity of the situation, the only way you will is to ask God directly.  However, be careful how you go about it as God has zero tolerance for mockers.  This was made abundantly clear throughout the bible, from start to finish.  While there is no doubt He loves you, there is also no doubt He hates sin.

God's hatred towards sin is made evident in the Ten Commandments that were carved by his loyal servant, Moses, in the two tablets.  Among the commandments was "Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness."  Unfortunately, this seems to be a real problem with people who simply want nothing to do with the truth.


The World Deceived

According to Revelation 12:9, the whole world is deceived.  Satan was thorough with this action when Adam and Eve were duped.  This entity wasn't called the "Father of lies" for nothing!  This was a realization that was quoted in John 8:44.  Again, throughout the bible it's made clear what God thinks of people who deliberate liars.

"But God is all-forgiving, right?"

According to Jesus Christ (who also happens to be God), He is indeed all-forgiving.  He is also incredibly patient and slow to anger.  All of this is true, despite the negative images that have been painted by people who choose to believe otherwise.  However, the entire bible has made it clear God isn't some pushover that'll let things continue to slide forever.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, the window of opportunity to escape God's wrath has been slowly closing.

And, that window is almost shut!


Beware Lukewarm Church

According to Revelation 3:16, the lukewarm church is about to receive a rude awakening.  What members of this particular church doesn't realize is they're every bit as responsible for the downfall of today's society as the people behind it all.  By failing to speak up as a voice for a population that desperately needs it, they choose to stay silent.  This is also the same church who will side with whatever happens to be popular opinion.

Apparently, they've forgotten the parable told by Jesus about the seeds that were dropped in the thickets and thorns.  That church perfectly matches the warning Jesus gave when they concern themselves about worldly trends instead of staying true to God.  In order to follow Jesus, one must learn to tell the world what it can do with itself.  Until the lukewarm church does this and remain steadfast with Jesus as devout followers, they're setting themselves up for disaster.


Beware of False Teachers

As mentioned earlier, there has been an increase of certain groups that are testing the patience of people and families who have become fed up with agendas they deem questionable.  In all honesty, those agendas are sinister as each of them has Satan's handiwork smeared all over them!  Among the liberal population of churches and schools, the influence of Satan has done exactly what the bible repeatedly warned about.

It was repeatedly warned there would be many false Christs, false priests, false prophets, and false teachers.  Today, the evidence of this sad reality has become more obvious than ever.  When churches, corporations, politicians, and schools have all gathered together to support everything God warned them not to do, they're actually doing more harm to themselves than everyone else.  It's really unfortunate they don't see that because it is they that will be on the receiving end of God's wrath when the time comes.


The End is Nigh

Among bible believers who truly follow Jesus Christ, odds are you're feeling more than just a dark world becoming more sinister by the hour.  You're also becoming anxious for the return of Jesus.  Speaking on a personal note, I can honestly feel Him coming - and no, it's not wishful thinking!

I won't admit to being a prophet but will admit I've encountered more than enough evidence to understand God is for real, as is Jesus Christ.  I also know the Rapture is for real.  On YouTube, I've shared a series of slideshows that attempt to reveal what I saw.  I didn't share everything but enough where I continually pray will be enough to wake people up before it's too late.

If you're interested in viewing some of the slideshows before YouTube decides to bring them down, start with this one;

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