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Victorian Cross Rose Flip Leather Wallet Purse for Mobile Phone

Victorian Cross Rose Flip Leather Wallet Purse for Mobile Phone

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If you're looking for a great carrying case or wallet for your mobile phone, how about this Victorian Cross Rose flip leather wallet purse?  The PU leather features the beautiful print of a gothic Victorian-era cross and a red rose draped across it.

For Christians, the cross serves as a symbol of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made before he returned to be with his Father in Heaven.

Whether you're Christian or not, let this become part of your personal fashion statement as you carry around this handy little purse.  These come with a hand strap you can fit securely around your wrist and a cash compartment with three card slots.  This makes it easy to carry your essentials with you wherever you go.  

These wallet-shaped cases can hold phones that are between 151mm to 165mm in length and 60mm to 88mm in width.  Please measure your phone to see if this would make a perfect fit.



【Type】PU Leather, One side Printing.
【Additional Product  Description】3.99 Oz. PU leather. Wallet purse with hand strap. Combine 1 cash compartment and 3 card slots for carrying credit cards and cash in daily life. Compatible with phone sizes measuring 151mm to 165mm in Length and 60mm to 80mm in Width.
【Size】7.68''(L) x 6.57''(W)
【Parts Structure】Zippered main pocket. High-quality metal single zipper top open and close.


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